Top 5 High-Tech Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

The reports are in for 2017 and if you didn’t already know, it’s official: the kitchen is the most valuable room in your home. The kitchen operates as the heart of the home, a place where we cook and enjoy food, and connect with friends and loved ones. And like much of our modern lives, digital integration is a rapidly growing interior design trend, with high-tech kitchen design leading the charge.

Technological Integration

“Smart kitchens” are the fastest-growing sector of the smart home automation trend, and for good reason. These high-tech kitchens feature elegant, contemporary interior design and full technological integration in everything from appliances to lighting to enhance the ambiance and add the ultimate in convenience through technology. A high tech kitchen is a great investment not only for your daily life functions but to exponentially increase the value of your home. Below, we’ve detailed the five top high tech kitchen trends of 2017 to get your kitchen up to speed.

Motion-Activated Faucets

Touch-less faucets, increasingly popular in public facilities due to their sleek design and economical, water-saving benefits, are bursting onto the home design scene as a must-have for the high-tech kitchen. Though certainly not inexpensive, they are in fact a valuable tool in the kitchen, where your hands are frequently soiled or occupied. Imagine holding a pot with two hands and being able to simply place it under the faucet. It automatically fills, and when you remove it to place it on the stovetop, the water flow shuts off automatically. Or rinsing raw chicken in the sink without having to handle a faucet and then disinfect everything. This technological upgrade will save both time and money on your water bills.

Intelligent Storage

Unobtrusiveness is a key element of high-tech kitchen design, and this is most important when it comes to storage. Kitchens of the future will be required to do more in less space, with both style and practicality in mind. These intelligent high-quality storage solutions include seamlessly integrated appliances, integrated refrigerated storage, rotating racks for seldom-used cooking utensils, and fully-utilized vertical storage. These seamless storage solutions maximize space without disruption, designed to allow convenience and creativity in the kitchen.

LED Lights

LED lights are a versatile, upscale design element in any space. This affordable lighting solution gains added functionality when used in a technologically integrated kitchen. They can be concealed in crown moldings or lips of cabinets to illuminate food prep surfaces, stoves, and cabinets. LED rope and cove lights can be used in a variety of colors and allow for creative installation. They’re even being used to display information from high-tech appliances. LED lights can project oven temperatures or remaining cook time onto the floor or walls. Use them on the underside of cabinets as a nightlight when you raid the fridge for your midnight snack. LEDs emit virtually no heat and can remain lit for hours on end without worrying about burning surrounding fixtures. They also have the added bonus of being both affordable and energy efficient, lasting 50,000 hours on average.

Luxury Dishwashers

Of all of the high-tech kitchen appliances on the market for 2017, dishwashers are perhaps the most luxurious and of the highest personal value. Who doesn’t love the idea of not having to spend the time and energy hand washing dishes? But the latest technologically advanced dishwashers offer much more than hands-free dishwashing. Enhanced features include up to eight different wash programs, separate wash zones for small loads and specialized bottle cleaning jets. Top of the line models include a steam prewash option, NSF-certified sanitization, and customizable temperature for both water and heat drying – up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.


In addition, seamless, minimalist design is at the forefront of modern interior design concepts. Touchscreens are driving this concept home in high-tech kitchen design. LCD touchscreens are being used on kitchen appliances from Wolf, Miele, Bertazzoni, and Gaggenau, to name a few. These sleek new appliances are fully-integrated, with full-color screens and even integrated app controls. These models are often handleless, replacing clunky handles with push-to-open doors. Clean-lines and ultra-polished finishes are the cornerstones of high-tech kitchen design, and touchscreen integration supports this trend, leaving appliance controls in your hands with just a tap.

Future Kitchens

What will the world be like in 2027? What part will the kitchen of the future play? The technologically integrated kitchen seeks to anticipate and adapt to the needs of the future, today. Today’s kitchen is a space with strong emotional ties; where we experiment with culinary creativity and spend quality time with friends and family over the simple act of preparing food. Making this space both attractive and equipped for the changing needs of the future adds not only to your quality of life but to the present and future value of your home. Ultimately, the benefits of a high-tech kitchen are well worth the investment. Start the search for your perfect home now.