Florida real estate trends in 2018 are looking much better, and everyone is happy about it. After the market took a dip in 2008, the economy has been trying to find it’s footing. Whether it was unemployment rates, personal financial problems or the housing market taking a hit; everyone was affected. In the years since it has struggled to find good footing. The markets have been hard to predict, and it was a bit of a risk to buy anything that cost more than ten thousand dollars. But, it would seem like this year is going to change that a little. You can read more about it here.

Unemployment Rate

With more employers bringing in fresh blood, it seems like Florida is sitting pretty. There are more people who are getting better jobs, and that means some great things for the economy. That means more spending, which will revitalize the communities they are in. It also means more houses are going to be bought. More people are looking for better homes for their families. Having the means to provide it is something that enables the market to get a little boost. The lower unemployment rate and better pay offered by many businesses are the on-ramps to that.

Property Values

Property values are starting to rise. While this can scare away some buyers, it can entice the ones who see it as a signal to a hike in price. It will force them to jump quickly on a property that they like before the price goes up or the home is taken off the Florida real estate market. It also means that anyone else who is looking at the home might see it as a bigger bargain and act fast. Either way, if you are selling a home right now, this is a great time to make sure you are getting attention. That could be all you need!

Interest Rates

A lot of what the future of the housing market will be is contingent on interest rates. If they stay where they are no, it is predicted that this year will end stronger than last year. The strong employment base, rise in sales and low-interest rates could be the strength that te economy needs to find its footing. However, there are some who say we are in a bubble now and the real estate market could suffer. There are similar indicators to what we saw in 2008, and that is what has people worried, but the differences now could be enough to make the difference.

The difference

The difference is that in 2005-2008, nobody believed there would be repercussions. They thought that there wasn’t a big problem with the number of loans and mortgages that were given and how frivolously. There were signs that it was all going to go tumbling down and nobody paid attention or cared. Now we are a bit more cautious and know what went wrong the first time. That could be enough to keep Florida real estate afloat, which is what we need to begin stabilizing the country financially. Having more qualified buyers because of lower employment rate and employers that are offering more pay is a big help, as well.

The Prediction

Because of the job growth and population rise in more recent years, there is speculation that prices will continue to rise. It is said there will be an eighteen percent increase the first year, a fourteen percent increase the second year and a fourteen percent increase the third year. After those three years, it should stabilize and continue to moderate. The rise in construction will offer a little security to Florida real estate, creating jobs and stability while also offering more housing options.

Florida real estate trends are always fluctuating. The important thing to remember is that it is going to do a little better than most of the country because of retirement and vacation homes. Now, more than ever, it is a great idea to look around and find something that you love. You will find a lot of great deals and in the areas you love. This is a great time to take advantage of the lows before the market starts to hit the highs. That is when the values will start to rise and homes will cost more. And if you are selling your home, it is a good time to get started. Then, when everyone starts buying homes they will see yours as a deal. Even better, if you are looking at both sides of the coin and want to sell your home to buy another; this is the perfect time. Regardless of your view on the market, ti looks great at this moment. You want to explore your options and see what is available to you. You can start here.