400 Building

The 400 Building in Palm Beach is one of several numerically identified condos on popular South Ocean Boulevard.  The 400 Building stands out not only because of how close it is to the beach, but how it also manages to be close to so many conveniences due to it also being on Royal Palm Way.  Once you’ve achieved the idyllic suntan, finding the right outfit for a night on the town at a local shop is just moments away.

The 400 Building has each of the essentials regardless of how long it’s been around.  Feeling a little warm on a sunny day?  Just head over to the swimming pool.  Want to work out close to home?  The fitness center is readily available.  The residences offer great features and balconies that look out onto the city and the sands of Palm Beach.  You’ll have everything you need at the 400 Building.

The 400 Building is near two golf courses called Breakers Ocean Golf Course and the Everglades Golf Course.  To the north of 400 Building is the Palm Beach Country Club while shopping can be found by exploring what’s west of the 400 Building.