Moving Beachside

You’ve come to Florida to live by the beach, and there is nothing better than a beachfront property. Imagine waking up and leaving your house to meet the sea. If you live by the water, you don’t have any traffic to deal with to get to the beach; there isn’t a problem with finding parking, and you don’t have to worry so much about fitting a beach trip into your busy social schedule. There are many reasons why you would want to live by the beach. Now, you have to figure out how you want to live by the beach. If you can afford a beachfront property, Palm Beach County gives you 45 miles of coastline to choose from a wide variety of living situations.

Two Choices: House or Condo

Those looking to purchase beachfront property in Palm Beach County have an array of choices. Houses and condominiums line the coast, and choosing the right location means factoring in what you want out of your beachfront property. Here’s a few pros and cons to think about before you move forward with your beachside move.



  • Privacy – You can do whatever you want. You won’t get a letter from a nosey condo board member about returning from the beach barefoot. If you want to relax without other people being around, then a house beats out a condo for beachfront property.
  • Easier to rent – If you plan on renting out your property when you’re not there, a house is the way to go. Many condominiums restrict renting out individual apartments, but a house is all your own to do whatever you want.
  • Wow-factor – Bringing guests to a house on the water, especially in Palm Beach County, is as impressive as it gets with owning beachfront property. The ability to say, “This is all mine,” instead of, “I own a space in all this,” is a big difference.


  • It’s Expensive – Buying a beachfront house might be one of the largest investments of your life. You have to make sure your finances can handle such a large expense. Plus, the expense of the home is not really a one time deal. You put yourself at risk of damage from hurricanes and other storms. You may need to constantly repair a beachfront home, depending on the severity of the season. The cost of fixing up a beachfront home can be astronomical.
  • Insurance – This ties in with the previous con. Florida has historically seen a fair share of hurricanes, so insurance for beachfront properties is very high.



  • Cheaper to Buy – A condominium is much cheaper than a house. It put’s you next to the beach without risking your entire financial future should anything happen to the property.
  • Low Maintenance – With a house, you have to make sure everything is okay. With a condo, there are employees who make sure everything is okay. You can come and go every season without worrying if you need a new roof.
  • Security Built-in – Doormen greet your guests and keep unwanted people out of your property. With a beachfront property, anyone can wander in from off the sand, so having people who work at the building ensures you a greater degree of safety than being home alone. Also, if you are growing older and feel like you’d like the extra security of knowing someone is there to help whenever you may need it, a condominium is better than a house.


  • Value Doesn’t Appreciate Like a House – Beachfront property is always going up in value, but a condominium just doesn’t gain as much in value as a home. While the value may remain steady, if you expect gains from your investment you should look away from condominiums.
  • Association Fees – Every year you’ll need to pay into a kitty for repairs. Should anything happen out of the blue (oops, a leak sprang out of nowhere on the third floor), you’ll get hit up for more money. A consequence of this system is that you rarely have the choice of deferring something until later, and you are expected to pay more money whenever the condo association sees fit.
  • More Rules – Condominiums are notorious for having tons of rules that must be followed. Have pets? You may not be able to bring an animal or more than one animal into your beachfront property. Found an antique armoire you want to bring into your bedroom? You may have to wait until the off-season to do any moving or renovations in your building.

Start Moving to a Beachfront Property Today

Deciding where to purchase a beachfront property isn’t a decision you should make on your own. Talking to an experienced team of realtors in Palm Beach can help you decide what kind of lifestyle you want in a property that meets your needs. Contact Scott Gordon Realty today if you need help with acquiring a beachfront property.