Boating In Palm Beach

Boating In Palm BeachRegardless of whether you are a long-time Palm Beach resident, or if you are considering moving here, one of the most alluring and luxurious past times is to go boating in Palm Beach. Our shimmering coastal waters are a pleasure to travel upon, and are just what you need on a warm, summer afternoon. Boating in Palm Beach can be an enlightening experience when you try diving offshore to swim among local sea life and our beautiful coral reefs. With innumerable waterfront restaurants and bars, you are guaranteed to have a great time after an outstanding day out on the water. There are a wide variety of options to go boating in Palm Beach, including:

  • Sailing
  • Charter Boats
  • Yacht Rentals
  • Yacht Clubs

There are innumerable beautiful beaches to visit, and extensive water-based activities to enjoy in our little slice of paradise. Whether you choose to go sailing, yachting, or simply boating in Palm Beach you are in for a real treat.

Visit Peanut Island

Peanut Island is a favored hangout by Palm Beach locals, and it is clear to see why. With the island’s gorgeous, sandy beaches that are studded with palm trees to provide some shade, this pleasant little island warms the hearts of all. On your trip to Peanut, you’ll have the opportunity to view the stunning, waterfront mansions of Palm Beach. On the eastern side of the island you’ll have a blast swimming in the transparent, tropical waters coming in from the Gulf Stream. As well as swimming, take the time to snorkeling and watch in awe as the breathtaking sea life that are drawn to the Caribbean waters, swim all around you. Peanut Island is always a great place to visit when you are boating in Palm Beach.

Join a Sailing Club

Among other activities, joining a sailing club is an extraordinary way to get to know the locals and learn an enjoyable new skill. The exclusive Palm Beach Sailing Club is the oldest, most prestigious of these clubs, having been established in 1966 by a collaboration of local sailors wanting to promote the sport. The club is renowned for its dazzling end of the month socials, as well as their festive holiday engagements. Sailing is just one of the ways to go boating in pal, beach and it is often overlooked.

Make Palm Beach Your Home

We’ve gone over just a couple activities, and there are so many more beyond this. In sunny Palm Beach, you are never without somewhere remarkable to go, or without something merry to do. Once you come to visit our beloved town, you’re sure to never want to leave. If you would like to talk to someone for more information about making Palm Beach your home contact Scott Gordon Realty today at 561-346-4141.