Casas de Carlos

Casas de Carlos Palm Beach is a townhome community located near the waterfront, about three blocks north of the Everglades Golf Course.  Like the neighboring buildings, Casas de Carlos has a superb location that places residents near many of the city’s finest highlights; the golf course being just one example.

You’ll find plenty of amenities to enjoy at Casas de Carlos but considering how close the building is to the water and other popular places, they almost come across as an afterthought.  The townhomes offer lots of space and plenty of modern features to complement the experience.

The aforementioned waterfront is about two blocks to the west of Casas de Carlos, a great place to have a picnic and admire the views.  Walk to the Everglades Golf Course or the Breakers Golf Course to the north.  If you prefer the oceanfront, it’s directly east of Casas de Carlos condo.