Chateau Chaumont

South Ocean Boulevard has numerous Palm Beach condos but the abundance threatens to become overwhelming.  That’s one reason why you may wish to consider the Chateau Chaumont Palm Beach, a waterfront condo found on a land mass called Ibis Isle.  Privacy and tranquility are two key features of this wonderful residential building.

Jam packed features won’t be necessary at Chateau Chaumont since it’s got all the essentials.  The swimming pool for example acts as the perfect complement to the island setting while the covered patio means you can lounge about in the shade while imbibing the breezy atmosphere.  Two bedroom units make up most of the available condo residences.

There is always something to do near Chateau Chaumont regardless of what time it is.  Head out from Chateau Chaumont and go sunbathing in less than ten minutes, enjoy a meal, soak in the ambiance in the privacy of your Chateau Chaumont condo home, there’s a world of excitement.