Chateau Ramboiullet

Chateau Rambouillet Palm Beach is a building located on a relatively large land mass called Ibis Isle, itself located to the west of South Ocean Boulevard.  Chateau Rambouillet is one of several buildings with the Chateau name, this one found on the northeastern corner of the island.  Much like the rest, the privacy and views are arguably among the best you will find in the area.

You’ll discover a great assortment of amenities of Chateau Rambouillet that perfectly complement the building’s excellent island location.  Swim in the glorious waters of the pool, keep the muscles toned in the fitness center, there is much you can do.  The modern residences have spacious balconies that provide jaw dropping views of Palm Beach and the waterfront.

Directly east of the residences is Phipps Ocean Park, a waterfront commons where you can enjoy a picnic while marveling at the ocean views.  To the south is the Palm Beach Golf Course.