Delray Beach, Florida is considered one of the most beautiful parts of South Florida, with its sun kissed, award winning beaches and incredible weather. The city also contains fabulous shopping, upscale restaurants and an unforgettable nightlife. Whether you want to come down to Delray Beach for a vacation getaway, or you are planning on packing up your place and moving permanently, there are numerous properties available.

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Delray Beach Real Estate Opportunities

There are many diverse options when looking for a place to stay in Delray Beach. There are quaint cottage style homes that are in little enclaves right of the beach that include beautiful, landscaped gardens, fenced in yards and all of the comforts of modern electrical appliances that you would find at home.

For those looking for something a bit bigger, there are 4-5 bedroom condos that are found only in the most exclusive neighborhoods. A lot of them have private beaches only available to surrounding houses. They also have other amenities like spacious garages, breathtaking courtyards that have been professionally manicured. Some of the bigger houses contain niceties such as in-home movie theaters, fully loaded offices and deeded beach rights.

Real Estate in Palm Beach

Unique Delray Beach Condos For Sale

Maybe you have decided that it is time to move away from the cold and harsh winters of the north. Maybe you have always dreamed about living on the beach your entire life. Or maybe it is time for you to retire and the beach is calling your name. No matter what your reasoning is, you have decided it is time to find Delray Beach Condos for sale and figure out which one is the right choice for you.

There are high end condos just miles from the beach that are perfect for a person downsizing. They come with one bedroom and one bath and are located in private complexes. Some come fully furnished, with on location pools, modern gyms and clubhouses. Some of them are located off of golf courses, which is the perfect fit for seniors or snowbirds.


Luxury Condos in Delray Beach

For those looking to move into a life of luxury, there are many multi-million dollar units available. The properties are the diamonds of the beach front. There are condos located within prestigious yacht clubs that have docks right outside of the building. Buying one of these condos will come with a ton of perks, like exclusive memberships to clubs and spas.