Tips to Downsize for Your Palm Beach Waterfront Condo

Whether you’re moving from a house nearby or farther north (hello snowbirds) making the leap to condo living will find you rummaging through your home for items to purge. Even those self-proclaimed “minimalists” will discover they’re accumulated a bit more over the past few years than expected and that making the move into smaller dwellings has them at a loss. Our team of real estate experts at Scott Gordon Realty has put together some of our most helpful tips to keep clutter to a minimum and promote tranquility for downsizing into your Palm Beach Waterfront Condo.

Get Rid of Clutter First

It seems like this would be the most obvious thing to do, but is typically the most overlooked. Before anything is ever even moved into your new Palm Beach Waterfront Condo, get rid of clutter. Moving is a hassle, but it’s also a time to refresh. Get rid of the random trinkets and pieces you’ve accumulated over the years that hold no sentimental value. Donate them to the Goodwill or sell them at a consignment shop. Begin with three bins: Kepp, Sell and Charity. Take the time each day to thin out your things, pack items for keeping, and donate or toss those items collecting dust in your back closet.

Pay Attention to Your Size of Furniture

Most Palm Beach Waterfront Condos have more than enough room to house furniture and decorative features. However, heavy furniture can close off an open floor plan and feel out of place in condo life. Many buyers opt to get rid of bulky, dark furniture in lieu of something more open. Think thinner baselines, lighter fabrics and transformative pieces. Still feeling cramped? Take advantage of your third room: the balcony. Palm Beach Waterfront Condos offer ample outdoor living space. Take advantage of it and use the patio for dining, entertaining and lounging.

Think Vertical

Since Palm Beach Waterfront Condos lack closed in garages, storage can become an issue. To save on floor space, think up. Install shelving units on walls and in closets to keep items organized and presentable. Make sure every item has a “home base” – a spot that it’s always returned to. Desks, armoires, trunks and under bed storage bins should also be utilized to tuck away items.

What are some of your favorite downsizing tips for those moving into a Palm Beach Waterfront Condo? Leave your comments below.