There are endless benefits of Palm Beach condos. Palm Beach has something for everyone. It is hard to walk more than a couple of feet without finding one of the many great restaurants, night clubs, or shops. No matter your age Palm Beach is a great place to live. You can not talk about Palm Beach without talking about their beautiful, almost endless beaches. Palm Beach is also in a great location. A quick trip on the highway or I95 and you can zip over to one of the many professional sports teams in Miami. Palm Beach is an easy place to move to because they have numerous great condominium buildings. Moving into a condo is also not as stressful as moving into a home because they are not as big. Palm Beach and specifically Palm Beach condos are a great place to live.

High-End Living

Palm Beach is great if you want to live the life of the wealthy and the condos there are no different. No matter which building you choose from there are numerous benefits of palm beach condos. Villa Plati is one of Palm Beach’s premier condo communities. Villa Plati offers communal and private amenities. The shared benefits include a waterfront pool, tennis courts, and two blocks of private beach front. The private luxuries include four car garages, private elevators, and private pools.

Bellaria could be Palm Beach’s nicest condominium building. Get your piggy bank ready because condos at this exclusive building will cost you anywhere from two to seven million dollars. If you are looking to get all the benefits of Palm Beach condos, this is the place for you. Bellaria boasts a state of the art gym, billiards room, recreation and Olympic size lap pool, steam and sauna rooms, along with multiple tennis courts.

Have you ever wondered what it must be like living at a hotel? Well, now you can, almost. If you choose to live at Two North Breakers Row, you will be living on the historic Breakers property. The Breakers is one of Florida’s nicest hotels. Living at Two North Breakers Row gives you all benefits of Palm Beach condos along with all the luxuries of a hotel. This apartment building has a doorman, golf course, private pool, and is only steps away from the beach. Another, cool bit of information is that the Breakers is listed in the national archive of historic buildings. However, living on this little piece of history will not come cheap as condo’s in this building usually go from four to thirteen million dollars.

Restaurants & Nightlife

One of the best benefits of Palm Beach condos is that you will always be surrounded by great food. The restaurants seem to be endless and each with their own unique style. Buccan and Seafood Bar are Palm Beach staples that will have you walking out stuffed to the brim. Looking for something to do after dinner? That is never a problem in Palm Beach. The nightlife in Palm Beach is a huge benefit of Palm Beach condos. Places such as Roxy’s, Off The Hookah, and Pawn Shop are conveniently located and never have a dull night. If you are a college age kid and older these are the places you want to be when the sun goes down in Palm Beach.


Palm Beach is very sneaky when it comes to sports. At first, you may think the sports in Palm Beach lack because they do not have any professional sports teams. This, however, could not be farther from the truth. When living in Palm Beach, you are only slightly over an hour away from Miami. Miami is home to the Dolphins and Heat. NHL fans will also be satisfied with the Florida Panthers being even closer, just under an hour away.

Odds & Ends

There are some clear benefits of Palm Beach condos. However, there are also certain advantages that are not as obvious. As previously said Palm Beach is not a far drive from Miami. Miami attracts a ton of outside events such as concerts, shows, sporting matches, and even the Superbowl. Miami host concerts all the time. Both the American Airlines Arena and Bank Atlantic Center are great venues that seem to hold a different concert every weekend. South Florida draws in sports events from across the world. For example, Real Madrid and Barcelona arguably the two most popular teams in the world will soon play a game only about thirty minutes away from Palm Beach. Miami is always a contender to host the Superbowl. Going to the Superbowl can be a very cool, however, most people will never get to experience it. If you live in Palm Beach that will never be a problem because of how close you are to Miami. Obviously, there are endless benefits of Palm Beach condos so if you have the resources, why not do it already?