Gulf Stream Real Estate

Living the Florida lifestyle involves more than just wanting beaches, the sun, and sand. Rather, prospective and current residents of the Sunshine State want a very specific way of life, and residents who desire a more luxurious lifestyle often invest in Gulf Stream real estate. Scott Gordon Realty specializes in the most exclusive real estate in Palm Beach County, and understand what, precisely, owning Gulf Stream real estate entails.

What are the benefits of owning Gulf Stream real estate?

The most obvious benefit of owning Gulf Stream real estate, of course, is the fact that you’ll be owning some of the most exclusive, luxurious real estate in Palm Beach County. For those that can afford the lifestyle, Gulf Stream real estate provides entrée into Palm Beach’s high society like no other real estate can.

But there are other benefits to buying Gulf Stream real estate, as well. For example:

  1. Positive Job Growth: if you’re moving to Gulf Stream because you’re looking for a great job, you’ve come to the right place. Unemployment is at just 5.6%, compared to the national unemployment average of 6.3%. Jobs in the Gulf Stream area have increased, in the past year, by nearly 4%.
  2. Easy Access to Some of the Best Cultural Attractions in Palm Beach: there are so many wonderful things to do in Palm Beach County, and they’re all easily accessible if you live in Gulf Stream. Whether you prefer luxury shopping on Worth Avenue, attending an art opening at one of the many art galleries in Downtown Palm Beach, or viewing an exhibit at the Flagler Museum – which is just one of many museums available for your perusal – a home in Gulf Stream provides you access to some of the most beautiful attractions in South Florida.
  3. A High-Quality Way of Life: When it comes to “the good life,” no place will offer you more of the finer things than Gulf Stream. The median home cost in Gulf Stream is more than $1 million, and the home values are steadily climbing. In fact, the value of homes in Gulf Stream have gone up by an average of 15% since last year, making it some of the most valuable real estate in Palm Beach County, and in Florida as a whole.

Scott Gordon Real Estate is pleased to help you make your Florida home ownership dreams come true. Contact us today for more information about Gulf Stream real estate, and how we can help you make it your own!

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