The holidays are filled with warmth and laughter for many people. It’s the time of year when we all slow down and take account of the joy in our lives. The holidays are the perfect time for hosting friends and families in your home. It is by far the most exciting time of year for home decorators as doorways and living rooms are transformed into magical winter wonderlands. So how do we take the joy of the holidays and shape it into our sunny South Florida lifestyles?

For a traditional look, flank the sides of a dock or sidewalk with two trees surrounded by white clapboard. It’s also an instant frame for family holiday card pictures!

How about a beach themed Christmas tree or hanging holiday lights in bright neon colors? Some homes have even showcased Santa at the beach. Maybe this winter the warmth of your holiday will be found on sandy beaches or the laughter of merriment discovered during a great round of golf. Wherever you find it, embrace it. Break out into a non-traditional celebration of the holidays by incorporating your own style and new traditions. Making the holidays unique to your family may enrich your holiday experience and bring a fresh new feel to the holidays.