Lake Towers

Near the westernmost waterfront is Lake Towers Palm Beach, one of the several mid-rises located in “The Island”.  The location is very much opportune but the fact that the Lake Towers still manages to be within walking distance to numerous sights makes it very flexible.  Top notch views plus unbelievable convenience makes Lake Towers one of the best buildings in the affluent town.

How would you add to the waterfront location of Lake Towers?  A swimming pool if you’d rather stay home on a certain day.  That’s just one of the several amenities you’ll find at the Lake Towers condo and one of several reasons why you may want to take a look at its collection of one and two bedroom units.  This building is packed with modernism.

Hang out by the waterfront or visit the Palm Beach Country Club to the north of Lake Towers.  If you want to enjoy some sunbathing, the beach is directly east of the building.