Have you ever dreamed of owning an inviting residence by the sea?  You can make that dream a reality at the Lakewood Palm Beach condo.  This regal condominium near the riverfront is right across from the sunny sands of Palm Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, offering a complete waterfront living experience that’s oftentimes hard to find in Palm Beach condos.  You’ll find a large swimming pool you can use at your leisure but your time will most likely be spent sunbathing on the sun-kissed shores.

Despite the location, the Lakewood condo is surprisingly affordable, offers several Lakewood condos at prices that are generally reserved for your average home in the suburbs.  Walk-in closets and balconies that offer plenty of space and wondrous views come standard.  Perhaps most interestingly, Lakewood allows pets which is something that’s not often seen in Palm Beach condos, especially those near the beach like Lakewood.