When it comes to Real Estate Listings, Luxury Homes require a higher understanding of the market and how the amenities will influence your lifestyle. If you are moving from a colder climate to South Florida, there are a few peculiarities about living in the sunshine state. South Florida living is the ultimate goal of any beach lover. When it comes time to invest in Luxury Homes in South florida, it is important to answer a few questions before committing to a property. Giving the incredible numbers of perks like waterfront property and fantastic weather, investors may overlook important issues.
luxury homes

Luxury Homes on a seasonal market

Real Estate in Palm Beach is an exclusive market. Many homes have been here for decades with each featuring its own story and unique architectural characteristics. Additionally, homes and prices vary with Palm Beach’s on and off seasons. The island’s year-round population estimates at roughly 10,000, but this number jumps to over 30,000 during Florida’s winter months. These factors make finding luxury real estate in Palm Beach difficult – but not impossible.

The best listings are not listed

Some high-end luxury homes go unlisted to protect the seller’s privacy. The first quest before you begins to actively search for a new home is to find the ideal agent to guide you. The South Florida market changes like the tide on its coast and only an experienced Real Estate Agent similar to Scott Gordon will be able to assist you properly.

Don’t judge a house for its Photos

Some houses are just not photogenic. Schedule a private viewing and take your time exploring the place. Make time to revisits the ones you liked the most on different lighting conditions. If possible schedule to view a home at sunset or midday and notice how it affects the interior.Plan detailed property tours. Expect to take a few of hours to see a bigger home to evaluate things like building methods, structural highlights, the neighborhood. Research comparable properties. Obtain pricing information on similar homes. For exclusive listings with Scott Gordon Realty browse some of our properties here.