One Watermark

One Watermark condo has what is arguably the best location in Palm Beach.  This fifteen story building is nestled between North Flagler Drive and Quadrille Street on a small patch of land that provides what are perhaps the best views of the Intracoastal Waterway.  You most likely won’t find a building with an easternmost location like that of One Watermark.

One Watermark is so spectacular, it’s got theater complete with stadium style inside.  The building also has a boardroom, a social room and a fitness center with all the proper equipment necessary to flex and tone every muscle group.  The concierge offers a large number of services.  The units of  One Watermark start at 4,000 square feet at their smallest and come packed with posh features.

Once you’re ready to explore beyond One Watermark, you can either check out what’s around at City Place and the art museum for example or you can head east across Flagler Memorial Bridge to find golf courses, country clubs, the beach and much more.