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Palm Beach Condos Sales Influences

Luxury Real Estate Agent Scott Gordon was crucial in the negotiations of a million dollar condominium unit in Beach Point last year. The three-bedroom was one of the over 400 units of Palm Beach Condos Sales in 2015. According to the latest report, this $2.54 million place on South Ocean Boulevard was among not the most expensive unit sold the community. The most expensive condo sold for a record $8.31 million, as reported by the Palm Beach Daily news this week.

The real estate analysis shows that the rise in the prices of Palm Beach Condos Sales has a connection with the increased number of condos buyers in our area. While in 2014 sales barely passed 350 units, in 2015 the market picked up with 412 units sold.

Real Estate Condos Market Forecast

Apparently the trend of luxury Palm Beach Condos Sales is here to stay. This year over 90 apartments already sold, with various deals on the way. The price tags of the units sold in 2016 aren’t as high as the prices from last year, but everything indicates that this may change. An increasing number of buyer searching for homes are learning about the benefits of living in condos.

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