Everyone wants to live in paradise, including celebrities. If you live in Palm Beach, then you are in good company. There is a long list of Palm Beach County celebrities who live in the area. Find out which celebrities are your neighbors in paradise.

1. Bill Gates

As one of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates owns property all across the US. Not surprisingly, one of those places is Palm Beach County. In Wellington, he has multiple properties. Of course, each one is worth millions of dollars.

A few years ago, Gates began his property ownership journey in Wellington. He spent $8.7 million to buy a 4.5-acre horse ranch as a gift to his daughter. However, Gates’ purchases did not end there. After a few more purchases, he now owns five of the six properties on his street.

2. Max Weinberg

Most people are well aware that Bruce Springsteen and his wife are famous Palm Beach County celebrities. However, you might not know that Springsteen’s drummer is also on that list. Recently, Max Weinberg spent $7.5 million on a family home in the area. At 4,420 square-feet, the property is something to envy. It has five bedrooms, a pool and spa, and loggias in the backyard. Inside the luxurious home, you can find marble and hardwood flooring.

This isn’t Weinberg’s only Florida purchase. In Miami, Weinberg owns two penthouses at Lake Towers. He also flipped one property in Miami. Now, his sights seem yet on Palm Beach.

3. Tami Hoag

If you like mystery books, then you know Tami Hoag. However, you also might know her if you’re familiar with Palm Beach County celebrities. Her love for the area started off in the 90s. After seven years of visiting the area, she decided to buy a home in Wellington. Now, the writer lives in luxury and can ride dressage whenever she wants. With ample riding opportunities, Wellington is the perfect place for her to enjoy her love of horse riding.

4. Howard Stern

Love him or hate him, Howard Stern is one of the Palm Beach County celebrities in your backyard. According to Forbes, the media mogul earned $95 million in one recent year. In 2014, he took a small portion of his earnings and bought a home in Palm Beach.

As one of the highest purchases in the county, Stern spent $52 million on the home. The oceanfront estate boasts 39,094 square feet of living space. It has two residences on the property.

5. James Patterson

In the past few decades, James Patterson developed a huge following as a best-selling author. His book about the fictional adventurer Alex Cross brought him worldwide fame. With about $89 million in earnings, Patterson was able to buy an impressive home in Palm Beach.

In 2009, Patterson and his wife purchased a 20,100-square-foot property in the area. Built in the 1920s, the property needed some work. After spending $14 million, Patterson completely remodeled the home. He revived both the interior and the exterior of the home.

In Everglades Island, Patterson once owned property. He had a 9,000 square-foot home. In it, he had collections of shells and antique copper kettles.

6. Tiger Woods

Despite Tiger Woods’ past marriage troubles, he still owns a pricey piece of property in Palm Beach. Located in Jupiter Island, Woods spent over $50 million on a property.

For over $50 million, Woods got quite the property. His oceanfront estate is on ten acres of land. With water on both sides of his property, Woods has complete privacy. There is also a private golf course with four greens and bunkers. As a large course, Tiger Woods can get in as much practice as he wants.

In addition to plenty of outdoor space, the property also has five buildings. One of those buildings is a golf training studio.

7. Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy Buffet has money to spare. At first, he used some of that money to become one of the most well-known Palm Beach County celebrities. He owned an $18.5 million estate in Palm Beach. However, he decided to sell his large estate and downsize. After selling the estate, Buffett bought a much smaller three bedroom home on the North End.

At $4.95 million, the home was considerably smaller than his previous property. However, it is still one to be admired. It resembles a tropical resort and features mahogany sliding doors. The home has a guest house located above the garage and offers beach access.

Other Palm Beach County Celebrities

There are many other Palm Beach County celebrities. While some of them enjoy the area on a full-time basis, others are less permanent. However, all of them appreciate the benefit of living in Palm Beach County.

There are many great reasons to live in Palm Beach County. If you want to live in a place where celebrities flock, then you should contact a real estate agent. You might find the ideal property in paradise.