The Palm Beach Waterfront is a beautiful area with a broad hiking path along the water. As you walk along, you see tropical flowers like Plumeria, large docks, impressive high rises, and palm trees. It’s lovely, and it is one of Palm Beach’s best kept secrets!

There are plenty of benches where you can rest. Checking out the luxurious yachts moored along the waterfront is fun. Walk all the way south to the Royal Palm Bridge. There you will find manmade islands with baby mangrove trees. Wildlife can flourish safely in Palm Beach’s South Cove Natural Area. Flagler Drive meets Clematis Street in a triangular park called City Commons. Their fountains and a Parisian-style Plaza invite you to hang out a while and enjoy life. This area comes alive on Saturday mornings between 9 AM and 2 PM in the winter, and 9 AM and 12 PM in summer with a Greenmarket, where you can buy fresh vegetables, cheese, grass-fed beef, and all kinds of delicious, fresh-made foods.

Palm Beach Waterfront Entertainment

There are plenty of special events held at The Palm Beach Waterfront on the great lawn next to City Commons, where Clematis St meets Flagler Drive. Live music on Thursday nights between 6PM and 9 PM and on Sundays between 4 PM and 7 PM brighten up the evening. There are movies on the green on the first Friday of the month. While in the field, walk half an hour south of Flagler Drive towards Barcelona Road and check out the tropical paradise that is the Ann Norton Sculpture Garden. Then continue and admire gorgeous architecture in some of the more historic neighborhoods, and peaceful George Petty Park on the water.

The beauty of the area and the luxury of living on the Palm Beach Waterfront are big perks, but there is more than just elegant exclusivity and natural surroundings. Whether you like to swim, golf, shop, or just relax, embrace the Palm Beach Lifestyle and enjoy the beginning of the rest of your life. Find the perfect setting for your new lifestyle with luxury real estate listings by Scott Gordon Realty and Associates. They will assist you in finding your new home in beautiful Palm Beach.