The rooftop garden has become more and more popular in recent years. With gardening being helping relaxation, it is no wonder. But, there has also been a lot of this attention attributed to more consciousness; not only about what we eat but the environment. As a result, we are starting to see more people who want to grow their vegetables or have an indoor garden that will keep the air in their apartments feeling fresher.

What is a Rooftop Garden?

A rooftop garden is a new trend that tends to be in an area that doesn’t have much land for an actual garden. These tend to be a city which is made mostly of buildings and concrete, usually called “concrete jungles.” A lot of these areas are in what is also known as “food deserts.”  These are areas which find it hard to bring in fresh vegetables, organic produce, and healthier foods. A rooftop garden is an answer to so many problems, in one easy answer. It has become something which seems only advantageous and an obvious answer.

Advantages of a Rooftop Garden?

Plenty of people say that they wouldn’t know where to start or that a rooftop garden isn’t something that they could get into, but they would be wrong. They are as easy as planting a plant and fairly easy to maintain. Some cities are even promoting them, providing workshops to offer guidance.

There have even been some which have been noted to help you start the garden; you just have to maintain it. They have been known to help children who are in danger of dropping out of school or finding drugs as a solution, whether it is dealing or using. Rooftop gardening is known to help relaxation, as well. And, of course, there is the obvious benefit of finding a solution to the food desert problem. There are plenty of families who would love to eat better; they just don’t have the resources. The rooftop garden might not feed everyone, but it is a good start!

Why a Rooftop Garden?

There are more and more areas being developed in the United States, whether for commercial or real estate properties. We see a larger and larger population every year, with only so much space to share as it is. Many people are worried about what the world will be like in the future and how plants will be available.

While there are some bleak forecasts, they don’t have to be the future. The rooftop garden might not be the solution, but it is a help. If there are less and fewer patches of land for gardening or farmers are finding less and less work, vegetables will become more and more scarce. But, they are a very important part of our lives. With so much of the population turning to Vegetarianism and Veganism, there is more stress on the farm industry to produce more and more. But, climate change isn’t going to make that easy.

How do I start a Rooftop Garden?

If gardening isn’t your thing, but you would like a rooftop garden; just know that it is much easier than it seems. First, you will want to talk to the manager of your building. Find out what the process is for using the roof and how much space you are allowed. They may want only to partition so much of it since there are other tenants and they might also want to use it.

Once you have an idea of the available space, you can plan your garden. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can be as easy as finding a rack and using a trash bag to cover it; forming a cheap, makeshift greenhouse. Some people have used egg cartons as seed starters, and there are even tutorials on how to upcycle items to make small greenhouses. With a rack, you can build up small spaces. Once you have your space, you just need soil and seeds! You can get them at a home improvement or gardening store. Or, you can just collect seeds from the fruits and veggies you eat. There are plenty of tutorials; you can start here.

While a rooftop garden might be something, you are more likely to find in larger cities, or up north, they can also work in Florida. The Florida sun is perfect for a rooftop garden and they are becoming more and more popular, so it is only a matter of time before you see them everywhere. Some people are even looking for spaces that allow them, specifically. More and more realtors are seeking properties with a rooftop garden or that allow them, and they have become a selling point. If you are looking for one of these properties, you can start your search here.