One of America’s leading conservative voices, Rush Limbaugh, enjoys Palm Beach living with a pleasure palace that’s anything but conservative.

Rush Limbaugh’s Move to Palm Beach

Limbaugh had previously lived in Florida but left to concentrate on building his career in New York. He returned to Florida, leaving New York for good in 2010 after the city enacted a tax hike. He unloaded his Fifth Avenue condo with its 10 rooms and view of Central Park for $11.5 million.

When he moved, he also relocated his business, broadcasting his radio show from sunny Palm Beach about a mile from his house. The show emanates from a nondescript building Limbaugh refers to as his Southern Command, just off the beach.

The office space has simple décor that includes a bust of Beethoven with a plaque bearing the inscription “A genius who produced masterpieces without hearing.” It appears to be a thinly veiled reference to Limbaugh who has presided over the most listened to radio show in America despite being legally deaf.

The move to Palm Beach doesn’t seem to have hurt his career. He has a net worth estimated at $500 million.

Limbaugh’s House

Limbaugh calls home an expansive compound that includes the main house and four houses for guests. The primary residence boasts seven bedrooms, 12 baths and a private elevator. The living spaces, plus the garages and patio, measure more than 34,000 square feet.

An estate the size of Limbaugh’s requires a great deal of security. Therefore, he maintains a private security team to protect him and his equally famous friends from overzealous fans and angry opponents.

His visitors can enjoy the private estate’s two oceanfront acres that also include a private beach.

If his guests aren’t fond of ocean swimming, they can always opt for the pool. And when they don’t feel like swimming, they can try their hand at Limbaugh’s personal putting green.


They can also do a little high-end shopping on Palm Beach’s Worth Avenue. It runs four blocks from Lake Worth to the sea. It’s the town’s equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue and Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive. It boasts around 250 luxury retailers such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Giorgio Armani, Hermes, and Cartier.


Political movers and shakers of all stripes call the area home, so Limbaugh should have no trouble finding neighbors who both agree and disagree with his worldview. Some nearby residents include conservative firebrand Ann Coulter and rightwing chopsocky legend Chuck Norris. There’s also the less-than-conservative shock jock and self-proclaimed king of all media Howard Stern.

Limbaugh shares the area with a multitude of billionaires including David Koch whose net worth is around $40 billion. Of course, these days the best known Palm Beacher is President Donald Trump for his Mar-a-Lago property. Trump’s Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is also a resident.

NFL owners David Ross of the Miami Dolphins, Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots and Jeff Laurie of the Philadelphia Eagles all call Palm Beach home at least part of the year.

You can also find entertainment moguls like Las Vegas casino and hotel owner Steve Wynn along with Marvel Entertainment owner Isaac Perlmutter. The list of people who own property in Palm Beach leaves little doubt why the Palm Beach area consistently ranks as one of the country’s wealthiest zip codes.


When he isn’t running the Rush Limbaugh media empire, he likes to head to Palm Beach’s Everglades Club to relax on the golf course. However, “relax” might be the wrong word. He jokingly said that the game is so frustrating that he thinks they should punish prisoners by making them play.

He didn’t begin playing golf until he was 46. Initially, he took up the game because his friends played, and he enjoyed their camaraderie. But he said that he quickly became consumed by golf.

History of Palm Beach

Palm Beach has been the destination of the country’s wealthy class dating from the time of horse-drawn carriages. Henry Morrison Flagler, a co-founder of Standard Oil, built the world’s most massive wooden structure, the six-story Hotel Royal Poinciana. When it opened in 1894, it was the world’s largest resort with its impressive 1100-room capacity. The hallways were so long that bellhops delivered messages on bicycles.

Then, in 1896, Flagler created his even more famous hotel, the Palm Beach Inn. Five years later the name of the hotel was changed to The Breakers in response to the often heard request from ocean-lovers for a room down by the breakers.

After getting a sample of life in Palm Beach, wealthy American families began building vacation homes in the area. A getaway home in Florida seemed like the perfect remedy for the wintertime blues. After all, most of the millionaire families were from some of the chiller states of the northeast. And, of course, they didn’t commission modest little cottages but large-scale fantasy mansions.

In other words, if those old Palm Beach families were around today, they would have absolutely no trouble understanding why Rush Limbaugh calls Palm Beach home.