Sloans Curve Real Estate in Palm Beach FL has become increasingly popular over the past couple years. And there’s good reason for it. Located on the South End of Palm Beach, Sloan’s Curve twists toward the Atlantic Ocean to present home buyers with stunning sunrise and sunset views. As the land here is more narrow than on Palm Beach Island’s shopping and dining district, nearly every residence is graced with views of Florida’s waterways. No time is better than now to invest in Sloans Curve Real Estate. We present, Scott Gordon Realty’s top reasons to invest in Sloan’s Curve Real Estate.

Sloans Curve Real Estate Palm Beach FL

Oceanfront and Intracoastal Views

Beach views or Intracoastal views? Sunrises or sunsets? Why choose when you can have both! Sloans Curve Real Estate is the only place in Palm Beach where you can find views of both the ocean and the Intracoastal. This is unique to the Sloan’s Curve area as residents get the best of both worlds. When it’s choppy on the seas, one can enjoy the tranquil waters of the Intracostal. 360-degree views of water in all directions will flood your Palm Beach condo with natural lighting.

Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course

Prepare yourself for a golf experience unlike any other. Sloan’s Curve Real Estate is graced by the Palm Beach Par 3 Golf Course. Play a round of golf on one of the nation’s most beautiful courses with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway. End the day at the course’s new clubhouse and restaurant, Al Fresco.

Peace and Quiet

Palm Beach Island is a bustling place. With world-class shopping, dining and social experiences, this little piece of paradise can be quite. But just a few miles south, Sloans Curve Real Estate offers a perfect escape from the noise without leaving Palm Beach Island’s borders. Picture quiet beaches free of crowds. Enjoy native Florida wildlife, such as egrets, hawks, seabirds and even the occasional fox come out to play.

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