Palm Beach Real Estate Staging Tips

You love your Palm Beach home, but now it’s time for something new. Maybe you need more space, or looking for a unit a little closer to the water. Either way, staging your Palm Beach Real Estate before the sale doesn’t need to be the arduous task. In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to let a bit of creativity shine and show off your island home in all its splendor! Here’s what you can do to get your home spruced up and ready for someone new to love.

Spruce Up The Outside

First impressions are everything. A clean, maintained home exterior invites people in and welcomes them to what could be their new home. For those selling a house, fresh mulch, landscaping and paint touch ups go a long way in showing potential homeowners that this is a home well taken care of. For those selling a condo things are a bit more simple. When staging you most likely won’t have to do much aside from making sure the front door to your condo unit is inviting and clean. A new welcome mat and a pot of flowers or two will go a long way.

Repair Minor Damages

Take the time to touch up minor damages around the house. Mend patio screens, leaky faucets, paint touch ups and exposed wires to knock off little things that can mark against you in the Palm Beach Real Estate home inspection report. Minor repairs are inexpensive and show the home is well-cared for.


Clutter can be your biggest headache. No one wants to live in, much less enter, a home full of mindless clutter. Take action against clutter to showcase your home, not your stuff. This means organizing closets and home storage spaces as well as living spaces. Keep furniture to a minimum as well and replace oversized pieces with smaller counterparts.


It’s important when selling your Palm Beach Real Estate to take down personal photos and memorabilia that can be distracting to buyers. Instead of focusing on the home, they’ll focus on your photos and the life you’ve created here. That’s not the goal. The goal is to help the buyer envision themselves in this home and picture the life they can potentially create here themselves. Replace photo collages with something simpler, like a mirror.

Keep It Simple

Palm Beach is a unique corner of the world where normal home decor means bright colors and vibrant patterns. While the Palm Beach chic look is a definite do in home decor, it might not necessarily be to taste for all homebuyers. Tone down bright paints to a more neutral color and show off bright patterns and colors in carefully selected pops to appeal to most buyers.

Rearrange Furniture

A little feng shui can make a small room appear larger and help guide a potential buyer through the room. Scoot a table that sticks out a little too far away from the entryway. Aim to arrange sofas and coffee tables in a way that creates a warm and inviting conversation space.


Deep clean your Palm Beach home to remove dirt and odors. Wipe faucets, mirrors, floorboards and anywhere that dust may have collected. Get carpets deep cleaned to remove odors and stains that have seeped in through the years.

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