Purchasing a luxury home is more than buying of property. High-end buyers are seeking a particular lifestyle. Traditionally it is recommended that homeowners remove all personal items from a home scheduled for showing, but new advice suggests the inclusion of select photos from vacation destinations may help the sale. Pictures from ski resorts or tropical locations act as a subtle reminder that the next owner could enjoy these same elegant experiences. Some staging professionals recommend displaying lifestyle coffee table books that relate to the style of the property.

Selling your Luxury Home

One characteristic of high-end homes is that furnishings rarely match. While the furniture will always complement each other, professional designers will rarely decorate with matching sets. When staging a luxury listing, planners tend to use mixed materials and styles that blend to create a cohesive space. Many sellers believe that by hiring a real estate agent who has a staging designation their home has higher chances to sell. However, the stage is not guaranteed for sale. Only a knowledgeable Real Estate agent with a thorough understanding of the market and the region can maximize your chances to sell. Scott Gordon is the known authority in luxury homes in Palm Beach, if you are looking to sell or buy properties in the area, don’t hesitate to give Scott Gordon a call.

Staging to Entertain

When selling a luxury home, staging may help maximize price and minimize time on the market. When staging a luxury home, it is important that the amenities which make the home luxurious are being showcased. If there is an outdoor BBQ, is it staged so that potential buyers can envision their summertime gatherings? A luxury home with an over-sized formal dining room should have elegant place settings with fine china at each place setting to help a buyer envision what their wonderful dining parties may look like.