Tropicana Gardens

There’s something a bit unusual about Tropicana Gardens Palm Beach.  Although it falls under the category of Palm Beach condos, the building feels more like a genuine community than it does a condominium building.  You’ll still get to enjoy all of the great amenities you’d find in a condo like a pool and fitness center but in a setting that gives more of a sense of your own home as opposed to just a unit.  This is one of the many reasons why the Tropicana Gardens condo is a genuinely refreshing change of pace.

Tropicana Gardens is already impressive yet the asking prices for its one bedroom units make it even more amazing.  A cozy residence with 2570 or 630 square feet will cost you less than $100,000 and still offer you more than enough space to lounge about and adorn the place to your liking while enjoying the many great features like granite kitchen countertops.