Villa Serein

Villa Serein Palm Beach is ideally located on the island of Ibis Isle and is located on the northwestern side of the island.  The privacy enjoyed by Villa Serein residents is a rare treasure and difficult to find among most Palm Beach properties. The Villa condos feature exquisite views to the north, east and west, making Villa Serein condos highly desirable residences.

A favorite pass time of Villa Serein residents is to take in long walks on the island to enjoy the tropical scenery and tranquil ambiance. The condo building has a long list of amenities including a swimming pool and fitness center that add to the overall living appeal.  Many of the units found at Villa Serein are spacious two bedroom residences.The expansive floor plans are an added bonus to the beautiful details and finishings found in this residential condo building. The units offer unobstructed views of the Intracoastal.

The location of Villa Serein places the condo building in a league of it’s own and offers residents a truly unique experience of the Palm Beach lifestyle. Take in the beaches and water activities found on the island. Soak in the sunshine visit one of the excellent eateries found on the island, soak in the ambiance and the beauty of the Villa Serein condos.