Waterfront Palm Beach Real Estate

If you’ve ever been on a beachside getaway and thought, “Wow…I could live here,” then pay attention. Waterfront living in Florida is some of the most exclusive, yet affordable real estate on the market. It’s that happy median where location meets price. Find waterfront Palm Beach Real Estate and soon you’ll find yourself basking in the lap of luxury.

Palm Beach Living

Forget everything you know about South Florida – Palm Beach is a world of its own. Glitz and grandeur boast throughout its streets and homes, and no detail is left to expense. Think bright colors and floral patterns mixed and matched in unexpected combinations. But then again, what would you expect from the birthplace of Lilly Pulitzer.

Palm Beach was originally established by Henry Morrison Flagler in 1909 as a resort – not much has changed since. Many rich and famous call Palm Beach’s mansions home, using it as a seasonal escape from the limelight. In such an affluent community where streets are lined with Bentley’s, Ferraris and other luxury vehicles, one more celebrity garners little attention more than a head turn.

Palm Beach Real Estate

Palm Beach Real Estate credits much of its beautiful architecture to Addison Mizner, who’s work makes up much of the island’s landscape. His classic Mediterranean Revival designs constructed of stone, coral, stucco and coral suit South Florida’s harsh weather and have defined architectural standards to this day.

With all its grandeur, Palm Beach living may appear as if its out of the question. Not quite. Waterfront Palm Beach Real Estate offers and option for every age and budget. Mixed among the extravagant mansions are seaside cottages, high-rises and boutique apartments. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, Palm Beach properties offer long-term, short-term and even seasonal solutions.

Make the move south and place waterfront Palm Beach Real Estate at the top of your list. Palm Beach’s warm weather, ocean breezes and palm tree-lined streets makes Palm Beach a staple to the Florida lifestyle. And living in the light of luxury places everything you need right within reach. Connect with our waterfront Palm Beach Real Estate experts to find the Palm Beach condo of your dreams. Call the Scott Gordon Realty team today at 561-346-4141.