While condo living has many benefits, some people worry about the lack of outdoor space. And when you live in a place like Palm Beach, you want as much outdoor living as you can get. Fortunately, there is a way to get the best of both worlds. You can get all the benefits of condo living with the pleasure of outdoor living. It’s as simple as looking for condos with wraparound balconies.

What are wraparound balconies?

Wraparound balconies are features that some homes have to expand their outdoor space. You can find them on all types of residences. Although every home can benefit from this type of balcony, beachfront condos have a lot to gain. They can increase the size of your living area and give you great views. Whether you want an area to entertain guests or a place for solitude, a wraparound balcony may be what you need.

Making the most of your outdoor space

Although you might not have a spacious backyard, a balcony can give you enough space for outdoor living. Wraparound balconies provide you with ample space. However, you need to know how to use that space. If you don’t, you could find your balcony looking cramped and small. Follow these tips to make the most of your outdoor living area:

1. Avoid clutter

You don’t need to overdo it with accessories. When you have limited outdoor space, you should avoid too much clutter. Keep your balcony decor simple. While you can decorate with a few accessories on the wall, you should limit accessories. Too much can make the area seem smaller than it is.

2. Don’t use it as storage

Many people make the mistake of using their wraparound balconies for storage. However, this is a mistake. If you use your balcony for storage, you take away the ability to use it as a living area. Instead of storing your extra items on the balcony, you can store them in a storage unit or garage.

3. Find the right furniture

An outdoor living space is only as good as its furniture. With limited space, your balcony needs the right furniture. Look for outdoor seating that won’t take up the width of the balcony. If it’s too large, you might find it hard to get around. You should also consider furniture that you can maneuver or store easily. For example, you might consider an expandable table. When you have guests, you can expand the table. But save space by collapsing it when your guests leave.

4. Consider the view

Possibly the best part about having wraparound balconies is the view. However, some people obstruct that view. As you plan your space, consider your views. You don’t want to put a tall piece of furniture in a place that will obstruct your view from the inside of your home. If you can keep things open, you can have a great view from everywhere.

You should also consider the view when you position your seating. When you configure your balcony, think about where you would want to sit and watch the sunrise. Is there an area of the balcony that gives you a better view than another area? Carefully position your seating.

A Real-Life Example

401 N at 2660 S Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach is a prime example of the splendor of wraparound balconies. Although the inside of this oceanfront condo is something to fawn over, the exterior is what truly makes this condo special.

The condo is on the fourth floor of the building. As a result, it gives the owners a fantastic view of the surrounding area. The wraparound balcony makes that view even better. Instead of admiring the Atlantic Ocean from inside the building, you can admire it from a cozy lounge chair in a breeze. The current owners liken it to sitting on a boat. With the ocean so close, you feel like you’re on a vacation at a five-star resort. In the mornings, you can take your coffee and watch the sunrise. Even if you don’t feel like heading outside, you can view it from behind the large sliding glass doors.

Condos are notorious for being small. However, the balcony on this condo ensures that there is no shortage of space. In total, there are 2,700 square feet of living space. Whether you want to be outdoors or indoors, there is plenty of space.  Outside, you can craft the ideal outdoor living space. Indoors, you can appreciate the detail that went into the design of every room and feature. The two bedroom, two and a half bathroom condo has a lot to offer.

If this condo sounds like your dream home, you’re in luck. Although the current owners love their home, they plan to sell and return back to their family in Europe. You can contact us for more information on the property.