When I think of Florida, I think of old, retired people with wrinkly skin, going out to relax on a beach with alligators. Individuals who are done working and just want to live out their last days where the weather is suitable for their health, and want to live life in the slow lane. Well, that’s what I picture when I think of Florida. However, that’s just one demographic! There are quite a few neighborhoods where young professionals live.

How did Palm Beach County Get Its Name?

The coconut palm is not native to Florida. A shipwrecked Spanish ship during 1878 was transferring these coconuts. Instead, they were stuck in Florida and decided to eat, save and plant their cargo. Now, lush groups of palm trees grew all over Palm Beach. In 1909, Palm Beach County was born and named after it’s first settled community.

1. Flamingo Park

During the 1920s, these beautiful but once neglected homes in West Palm Beach are now in high demand. They’re unique and welcoming properties that come with a price tag to match. Simple but designed, tree-lined streets are relaxing to gaze upon and set the tone for your day. These homes have retained their history and culture, and give an aura of sophistication. This community is a great place to live and be involved. Your neighbors are business owners and young adult professionals. Since crime rates are low, you’ll also find many are families with children. Just west of downtown, West Palm Beach surrounded by shops and cultural amenities. The International Airport is just a hop and a skip from the freeway.

2. Cityplace

CityPlace is a New Urbanism project in downtown West Palm Beach, bursting with townhouses, rental apartments, studio lofts with more condo towers nearby. These cozy homes are perfect for single professionals looking to build their life. This European-style town center replaced poor shabby-looking buildings during the 1990s. A restored 1920s Spanish Colonial Revival church is the main attraction in the community and now serves the as a theater.

If you live in the upper levels of the building, you can look out onto the town plaza and see people bustling around with their daily activities. Retailers, specialty stores, restaurants, bars and a comedy club are just a stroll away from your cozy home.

3. Wellington

The Village of Wellington has a remote feeling to it. If you love being outdoors, you’ll love this place as it has just under sixty miles of trails for walking, running, biking and inline skating. Nearby you have the Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, which host polo matches. Thousands of spectators, including celebrities and royalty travel from around the world to see these events. They even have a Museum of Polo and Hall of Fame! Your neighbors are mostly middle and upper-class families.

Wellington grew from a strawberry patch called the Flying Cow Ranch during the 1970s. It stands out from the rest of South Florida with its wandering trails. Tack shops, veterinarians, and sophisticated equestrian facilities make up this community. Aside from horse communities, golfing has started growing in popularity. The International Horse Show and the Winter Equestrian Festival, are events that draw in internationals.

4. Downtown Delray Beach

Atlantic Avenue is the happening street, full of delicious restaurants and impressive art galleries. Delray Beach is buzzing with people. It no longer has it’s Old Florida feel but has maintained its charm. Some of your neighbors have been living here for years, but middle-aged individuals and recent graduates just starting out are found here too. With a well maintained public beach and full of older homes with character, it’s no wonder young professionals chose this neighborhood to build their life. Modern condos are perfect for those who thrive living in the middle of everything and enjoy a short stroll to the local coffee shop any time of day. Old School Square, a National Historic Site, is overflowing with cultural activities. Anything your heart’s desire is here at Pineapple Grove Arts District. Delray Beach’s is near the main highway, making it an ideal area for commuting. Nearby you can hop on a commuter train or a free shuttle to downtown.

5. Jensen Beach

It’s quaint and on the water. What more could you ask for? This community is a smaller town, and moves at a slow pace, giving you a moment to relax and rejuvenate yourself. It’s a getaway from it all, a mini resort town. There’s a huge variety of homes, some more affordable than others. Properties near water always cost a pretty penny, but you can still find bargains along the Indian River Drive. Due partially to pricing, this neighborhood has maintained its Old Florida feel. Since the schools are top notch in this county, this attracts families.

There’s massage parlor just a few blocks from an old-style barber shop. Speckling the streets are little boutiques with artists selling their work. Your neighbors are the locals, fishermen, surfers, young professionals and shop owners, mixed in with immigrants from other states.

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